Sunday, July 19, 2015

To do it be something great, just it needs to be a simple and fearless like a little child.

The relaxed Sunday morning is often a good chat time with the children. The grown up children of today are so well informed in all the diverse concurrent matters, certainly what interests them, and importantly they give their opinion, so unhesitatingly and confidentiality, it's another matter you may not agree with them fully sometimes. But certainly their confidence and clarity to their viewpoint in their life impresses a lot. Today a similar and an usual morning chat myself and my son could have . In our talks, in some context, the topic came about Warren Buffet. And my son agreed with me about the awesome personalities of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, who have contributed their most of the personal wealth, more than 50 billions each of the both, donated to their charitable trust, which has been serving the various causes of humanity, the world over, remarkably. We both pondered over how people like Warren Buffet do and achieve such remarkable, bold and unimaginable success and glory in their business and profession . Inrestingly my son feels, and I too fully agree with him, that Warren Buffet keeps the the things of his business so simple, he has the global team of a very small number, but highly experienced and qualified people, in his company. His investment strategy and principles has always been to go by the basics of the financial soundness of a business company, it's management's profile and vision of the business in long term perspective and based on these basics, to invest in a right company share, at right time in right amount. My son told a few interesting things about Warren Buffet that still, being in investment business in more than 50 years, he uses typewriter for typing his important papers, he hardly uses calculator, often does his rough calculations just on a sheet of paper. From this first hand impression of his doing his business and taking the decisions ,very apparently it can be derived that Warren Buffet like business and investment legends keep their understanding, the insight of the business matters on their simple rationality and logic, as simple and plain as any ordinary person can have, they don't adopt and apply any Einstein theory complex mathematics equation calculations or any complex rocket science theory to see and understand the subject and take critical decisions for their business, but they do the things and approach their business decisions in highly simple manner and level. In our this deliberation and pondering over the topic, my son asked a very pertinent question, when things of business and the related decision making are so simple, so apparent, as much apparent and to be understood well to any person of average intelligence and knowledge of the subject, then why only a few, just a few counted ones, such great people like Warren Buffet are able to catch the thread, and scale the unbelievable heights of achievement, why can't just any person reach such heights? His question really made me to pause and think a deep. And what I understand and could tell him was that these great guys are pretty different in terms of their fearlessness to do the things what is clear and apparent to their guts and the wits. As an average man although often we can see very apparently what is that simple and right thing to do, what is that simple and right decision which needs to be taken in all certainty and shall be befitting to the occasion and circumstances, but often they fail to proceed and execute upon just for few fears in their mind, many types and varieties of the fear, fear to fail, fear of leading and moving against the stream and flow of the world, fear of criticism, the peer pressure, fear of this, fear of that. These fears, knowns, the unknowns, the attraction and a sense of safety and security to go by the set trends often inhibits one to go by his own understanding of the things, the conviction, subdues one's feeling of guts and own wits. In this context a very clear and apparent example came to mind was that what is found very natural in the little children. What fascinates and tempts a child, he goes for it the fearless, devoid of any inhibition, any subduction, a child can even put his life at the bet, and the risk, to get, to find, to achieve what fascinates him, what attracts him. Nothing can stop a child, nothing can scare a child the first hand, what tempts to him, what sounds to him. We both could conclude our chat with an observation that all the great people keep their professional doings surprisingly so simple, a great author like Premchand, a great cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar, a great politician like Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, just you notice keenly, they used to keep the things how plain and simple what they did. And we both understood and agreed very much to a point that the greatest most are the simple the most.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

हिम्मते मर्दां मददे खुदा -अमिताभ ठाकुर की हिम्मत और जज्बा को नमन

अमिताभ ठाकुर जी की हिम्मत सराहनीय है, वे सच्चे व जुझारू अधिकारी हैं, मुलायम सिंह, उनके परिवार व दबंग साथी या प्रायः राजनीतिक नेताओं द्वारा सरकारी कर्मचारियों के साथ दुर्व्यवहार तो आम बात रही है, जिसे प्रायः अधिकारी अपनी नियति समझ चुप लगाये स्वीकार कर लेते हैं,  किंतु अमिताभ द्वारा सत्तारूढ़ राजनीतिक दल के मुखिया के दुर्व्यवहार को सबके सामना लाना और फिर उसकी पुलिस में औपचारिक शिकायत दर्ज कराना बड़े हिम्मत और साहस का काम है, इसके लिए अमिताभ को नमन और बधाई।

अमिताभ ठाकुर बिहार के मुजफ्फरपुर के मूल निवासी हैं, इनके पिता जी बोकारो स्टील प्लांट में कर्मचारी थे। अमिताभ और इनके छोटे भाई अविनाश ठाकुर जो बिहार कैडर में आई ए यस हैं, और आई ए यस सर्विस ज्वॉइन करने के पहले हमारे साथ भारतीय रेल सेवा में ट्रेनिंग कर रहे थे, दोनों आई आई टी कानपुर से  इंजीनियरिंग में ग्रैजुएशन किये हैं। अमिताभ से मेरी मुलाकात 1995 में गोरखपुर की है जब वे वहां ए यस पी थे।

कल ही किसी द्वारा फेसबुक पर पोस्ट की गई एक वीडियो क्लिप देख रहा था जिसमें लालू यादव और राबड़ी देवी पिछले साल लोकसभा चुनाव के दौरान उनकी कार की चेकिंग से नाराज होकर अधिकारियों के साथ ऐसी बदतमीजी और अभद्रता से बात कर रहे थे जिसकी कल्पना भी नहीं कर सकते, लालू यादव अधिकारी को कुत्ता कह रहे थे, मगर यह सब जानते हुए भी प्रशासन और पुलिस खामोश रहती है क्योंकि प्रायः अधिकारी और पुलिस नेताओं और उनके क्रिमिनल गुर्गों से डरते हैं या कई बार नेताओं के साथ स्वयं उनके कुकृत्यों में शामिल और गठजोड़ मे रहते हैं, अतः प्रायः सरकारी अधिकारी और कर्मचारी इन दबंग और गुंडे नेताओं की चाटुकारिता और उनके द्वारा किसी प्रकार की बेइज्जती, अपमान और हिंसा को बर्दाश्त कर लेने में ही अपनी सुरक्षा और भलाई समझते हैं।

यह हमारे देश में लचर प्रशासन, कमजोर और बिकी हुई भ्रष्ट पुलिस और निष्क्रिय न्यायतंत्र का नतीजा है, जहां समाज में गुंडे और अराजक लोग पूरे सिस्टम पर हाबी हैं, और उन्हें न पुलिस का डर न कोर्ट का, और अंततः वही लोग अपने मसलपावर और पैसे के दम पर नेता बनते हैं, चुनाव जीतते हैं और फिर सत्ता में बैठकर पूरे सिस्टम के साथ बलात्कार करते हैं, सरकारी कर्मचारी और आम जनता उनके शोषण और अत्याचार को मूक बर्दाश्त करने के लिए असहाय छोड़ दी जाती है, जैसे भेड़ियों के सामने लाचार मेमने।