Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Being Powerfull but Strayed !

सब कुछ एक साथ करने की कवायद में  अंततः कुछ भी नहीं हो पाता

For some time I am noticing a serious pattern of scattering in my daily routine and time management. With smart phone in hand, it appears to be great being connected with outside world twenty four hours through facebook, emails and whattsapp,an easy access to my library, the online books collection, which is enlarging in terms of numbers and memory space on my device every day and gives great freedom to read my favorite books any where and anytime, great freedom about listening my favorite music and songs, here again my music and songs collection has swelled in recent time greatly, and the most importantly the great freedom now I enjoy to write and post my blogposts, straight through the Android blogger app downloaded on my mobile set. 

Also it's too handy for any required knowledge and information, anything means anything, any topic on science or maths to clarify doubts of my daughter in her study, to know about any topic, wordmeaning of any word, any general and current news and information about our hobbies, sports, movies, music, politics, what not? So overall to say I should feel wow to clutch this magic tool in my hand all the way, every single hour in my daily life.

How much it have been important for me and in my wife, that I could realiz when it slipped in water few days back accidentally and went dead for few hours and then I felt so incomplete, deprived and helpless without it's readily help available and granted.

But then in backdrop has been churning a whirlpool of reality check. When I audit my progress of last few months about my most priority and important domains of my work related either to my job or and especially to my personal and family life, I am shocked and seriously disappointed to learn that my progress in all the areas above has been poor, in fact it has been dipped badly, hardly I have finished reading any good book, hardly I have been able to listen my favorite Sanskrit bhajans and songs out of my golden collection in routine , hardly I listened any audio book on leader ship and motivation out of my great collection stored in the memory card of my mobile set, hardly I have written any beautiful poem for last some time, and worst and most regretting failing badly to spare important time to help my daughter in her studies, especially when her half yearly examination has been approaching fast.

My wisdom now shouts at me and asks hey man! what the hell you are doing,what about your time management, where is your focus, why you the hell  have been so scattered.

Yes, I can see how scattered I have been,appearing to do everything but actually doing nothing. It haunts where it goes  wrong.

Give a thought and then you realize that  you lack consistency, you lack single mindedness, trying to do everything at every time ultimately sums to accomplish nothing all along. A straight single mindedness, undertaking only one job at a time with all the focus and energy there till it gets over and seen the end is essential to accomplish any important task.To achieve anything remarkable like getting read a set of your favorite and selected books, listen your favorite music and the selected audio tapes to help in personally development, following your health and exercise regime, the daily morning walk and workout needs a sheer single mindedness, commitment and consistent efforts on one's part.

Having give with a tool in hand, however power full and smart it may be, but ultimately it only matters how the person has used it and accomplished the task in hand as well, some thing positive and usefull.


  1. मन ही सबका तन्त्र अनोखा,
    गतिमय, स्थिर, लेखा जोखा।

  2. I analysed the same and found I am not on correct path and time management is very poor. Now a little bit improvement but still need lot of improvement..

  3. I am now a retired person.
    Time management is now not necessary!!!
    I have all the time in the world.
    I am looking for ways and means to use it constructively.
    Reading well written blogs of total strangers is one of the ways I employ to spend my time.
    Your blog is the most recent blog I have selected to read and follow.
    Keep writing. Never mind if I don't comment on every post.
    I will be following your blog posts henceforth.
    Regards and best wishes
    G Vishwanath
    Age: 64, Occupation: Retired Structural engineer: Location: Bangalore/California)