Monday, September 2, 2013

The Peak and Crest

Often the heart sinks,
of the difficulties that one faces in life,
it looks going so tough, like no way out.

And then one needs to stop a few moments ,
just to relax and shed it back,
to realize it's nothing unusual for the one.

It's nothing like feeling alone ,the unfortunate one,
as every  other as well  negotiating through
the tough path that life lays in front, the sideways implanted of trees laden with fruits,
some are sweet  and some are sour
what ever they are, for the time being they're your .

So much uncertain, so much fragile, but for the certainty every thing that is a while ,
sticks good or pinches the bad, tomorrow it has to change.
Only the way out is to keep on journying,
till the last step,the last breath .

1 comment:

  1. बढ़ते रहना इस जीवन में,
    हर आगत पल शाम सरीखा,
    कहने को कुछ वर्ष विजित हैं,
    न कहने को कुछ न सीखा।