Friday, September 4, 2015

Thoughts of the day

04.09.15 Thoughts [ ] Squandering the time squanders your life multifariously. [ ] Living a life a quite and the low profile but the consistent and coherent is much more valuable and meaningful than its be showed and flamboyant but inconsistent and incoherent. [ ] It's easy to be self-indulgent and ignore the others feeling, but it's worth your salt to be considerate and compassionate to others. [ ] The Team work exposes you to an interesting Frontier, on one side it leverages your delivery power and the ability, on the other side it may threaten your personal clout and authority, you being overcome by your some more capable teammate. But no doubt, to be a great leader, you can't show your back to your Team. [ ] Sky is full of stars, but for you only that matters what brightens your part of world. [ ] Every day of it is important off course, but the life is a wholesome journey, it counts and matters for it what you carried on all the along. [ ] It's not that necessary everyone recognizes you who you are, what you are and how much you are, important is to be sure about your self and in your deeds. [ ] Certainly it matters what we think, but what matters the above the all is what and how we acted over them.

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